Tiffany Goffe

Programmes for Young People

Are you working within an educational setting and looking to support your students well-being and personal development?

Are you a parent or guardian worried about your child and looking for a way to support them?

Do you need an experienced professional to work with your student or child?

This is what I do. Since 2003, I have been helping children, young people and families work through their difficulties to achieve better outcomes.

I’ve developed a range of programmes that are a merging of my 17 years experience, qualifications and training. Through 1:1 sessions, I support young people in education and privately to improve their well-being, enhance their self care skills, build their confidence and develop their independence.

Learn more about my programmes below.



Staying Engaged in Education

A programme for young people (10-21yrs) who are struggling to stay on track with their education.



Future Paths

A programme of professional support - guiding your child through current difficulties and forward into the future.


Private & Education

Well-being Boost

A programme packed full of self care strategies that young people can use to boost their emotional well-being and support their individual growth.


Private & Education

Living Beyond Loss

From loss, through grief, into hope - bereavement support for children, young people and adults.

Interested in more?

I plan to develop more programmes in the future, so keep checking back for updates. If you’re a professional and interested in collaborating, please contact me.