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Future Paths

A programme of professional support - guiding your child through current difficulties and forward into the future.

Are you worried about your child?

The pre-teen, teen and early adult years can be tough, both for parent and child. It can feel like a never-ending rollercoaster! As a parent, you might wonder if your child is happy, or you may have a ‘gut feeling’ that something is just not right.

You could have specific concerns around their friendships, education, social media, aspirations, bullying or confidence - to name a few. Maybe you’ve noticed some changes in behaviour, or have general worries about their overall well-being.

Whatever is causing you to worry, Future Paths can support your child to talk through their struggles and plan a way to move beyond them.

Help them be the best they can be

This programme can provide you with the relief and reassurance that an experienced professional will support your child to be the best they can.

This programme will give your child the opportunity to:

  • Voice their worries and acknowledge their strengths, with an experienced professional
  • See things from a fresh perspective
  • Consider their potential, set SMART goals and work towards achieving them
  • Develop a routine of self-care that supports their well-being

Helping them to:

  • Build their confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop resilience and manage tricky situations
  • Feel motivated with a positive mindset towards their ‘Future Path’
  • Improve their understanding of feelings and emotions
  • Encourage a stronger work ethic
  • Manage their own well-being

Arranging extra help does not mean you have failed, or are unable to manage your child. Sometimes our children are just not comfortable talking about their worries with us, and sometimes parents are not able to help them in a way they need.

Watch their personal development unfold, knowing that you’ve supported their growth and helped them develop the skills needed to face their future with confidence.

Here’s some recent feedback from my work with young people:

I felt like you listened to me.

Year 7 Pupil

My daughter has got some good goals for her future thanks to you.

Parent of 18 year old

How this programme works

The initial sessions begin by exploring your childs needs and giving them the space to consider what might be contributing to their struggles. As sessions progress, thoughts and feelings around problem areas are established, so we know what actions are needed to support them in moving forward.

Sessions are generally weekly or biweekly, lasting upto 50 minutes and can take place at an agreed venue, so that everyone is comfortable.

Parents (with your child’s consent) can receive feedback as the sessions progress, and usually at the end of the initial sessions one of the following pathways is suggested.

Outcome pathways:

1. Complete

The desired outcome has been reached, or self care and support from family or education has been recommended.

2. Refer on

If consenting, a referral for extra support may be suggested. For example, GP appointment or further specialist support.

3. Bespoke sessions

If agreed, further sessions can be provided.

About Tiffany

Over 17 years experience working directly with young people. Enhanced DBS (CRB) checked, insured and a member of the AC (Association for Coaching) and working towards their coaching accreditation. Dip. RSA qualification in career’s guidance, extensive training and a University Diploma in working with young people.

Find out more about me and my experience - about me.

How to book ‘Future Paths’ for your child

Cost - The cost of each one-to-one session with your child is £38. You can book on a session by session basis or you can book a sequence of sessions.

How to start - Arrange an informal discussion by contacting me.