Tiffany Goffe



Staying Engaged in Education

A programme for young people (10-21yrs) who are struggling to stay on track with their education.

Worried about a student within your educational setting?

Is their attendance record showing that they aren’t as engaged as you’d like them to be? Perhaps their behaviour is causing concern, or there are signs that they need help managing their emotional well-being?

You know your students well enough that when they start to worry you, it’s not something you can ignore.

Sound familiar?

Help them be the best they can be

My mission is to support your students to be the best they can be. Since 2003, I’ve been working within educational settings, using evidence-based approaches to improve the lives and outlooks of many young people.

This programme really taps-in to the individuality of your students, offering them the space they need to talk through their struggles, consider what might be impacting their education and plan the actions they need to move forward.

Simply put, these sessions enable your students to progress by:

  • Arming them with self care strategies so they can become the best version of themselves and get the best from their education.
  • Providing an outlet for them to voice their worries and acknowledge their strengths, with an experienced professional.
  • Supporting them to develop healthy habits that will improve their emotional well-being and mental wellness.
  • Encouraging a mindset of growth and resilience so they can push past life's hurdles independently, developing a ‘never give up’ attitude.

Benefits for the educational setting:

  • Creating personal development pathways for students that promote resilience, build confidence and support their independence.
  • Re-engaging them with their education and reducing their risk of exclusion or becoming NEET.
  • Providing feedback from sessions that offers further insight and understanding into the individuality of the student.
  • Boosting their well-being and promoting personal development that instills values such as kindness, hard work ethic and determination.

Here’s some recent feedback from my work with students:

I’ve had lots of people trying to support me but your stuff really helps.

Year 11 Pupil

You are so professional, your feedback helps form our work with the young people moving forward.

Alison Mitchell (Inclusion Support Coordinator/Child Protection Coordinator)

How this programme works

We meet for a sequence of 6-8 weekly 1:1 sessions (more if needed), lasting up to 50 minutes. A private room may be provided by the educational setting, or sessions may take place off-site.

We start by exploring the young person's needs through holistic evidence-based support. Once we understand the problem areas, appropriate support and guidance is provided, enabling them to set goals and work towards improving their situation.

You can receive regular feedback as the sessions progress and (with student consent) a final summary will be provided at the end of the programme, when one of the following pathways is suggested.

Outcome pathways:

1. Complete

The desired outcome has been reached, or self care and support from family or education has been recommended.

2. Refer on

If consenting, a referral for extra support may be suggested. For example, GP appointment or further specialist support.

3. Bespoke sessions

If agreed, further sessions can be provided.

About Tiffany

Over 17 years experience working directly with young people. Enhanced DBS (CRB) checked, insured and a member of the AC (Association for Coaching) and working towards their coaching accreditation. Dip. RSA qualification in career’s guidance, extensive training and a University Diploma in working with young people.

Find out more about me and my experience - about me.

Invest in your students today

Cost - The cost of delivering this programme is £210 per student (for a minimum of 6 and maximum of 8 sessions). Concessions may be available, contact me for information.

Step 1 - If I haven't worked within your educational setting before, you can contact me for an informal discussion, or arrange a meeting. My welcome pack gives you an overview of how I work.

Step 2 - Print and complete the referral form and contact me to arrange a confidential collection. We can then agree on an appropriate start date.

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