Tiffany Goffe

Welcome, I’m Tiffany

As an Independent Support Professional based in North Lincolnshire, you’ll find me working with individuals, privately, or in an educational setting. But, whether I’m coaching young people or parents & guardians, my mission is always the same... “Supporting young people to be the best they can!”

More about me

Worried about your child?

I work with families to help parents support their child’s personal development.

Supporting students in educational settings

Working with young people who are struggling to stay on track with their education.

Well-being support for Young People

Empowering young people to independently manage their well-being.

Since 2003, I’ve been working with children, young people and families, supporting them to overcome their difficulties. Over the last few years, I’ve used my experience, training and qualifications to develop a range of programmes that support young people privately and in educational settings.

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Kind words said about my work

My daughter has got some good goals for her future thanks to you.

Parent of 18 year old

I’ve had lots of people trying to support me but your stuff really helps.

Year 11 Pupil

I like the way you look at everything.

Year 10 Pupil

You are so professional, your feedback helps form our work with the young people moving forward.

Alison Mitchell (Inclusion Support Coordinator/Child Protection Coordinator)

I felt like you listened to me.

Year 7 Pupil


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